Mayor Jeff Hall holds State of the Community briefing, addresses progress in teen and youth programs

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Community members from Alexandria gathered at the Youth and Teen Center Tuesday to hear Mayor Jeff Hall's State of the Community briefing.

It was a great location for the event, as Mayor Hall emphasized in his address the importance of teen and youth programs and the impact they have on young people in the community. He recognized some of the volunteers and workers involved in the teen and youth recreational programs here in the city for their time invested in local youth.

“There are some really, really sharp people, some really, really committed people to working with the youth, and really being successful at it,” said Hall. “From the point that they were participants a long time ago, gone to college now and come back and are working with the program."

Mayor Hall also touched on Alexandria’s push for energy conservation and its progress in local housing and urban development.

"We'll be talking more about it…how people can save money by being conservative with energy consumption, because that always can help,” Hall said. “It doesn't necessarily lower the overall unit price, but it will help lower the overall consumption. And we think that's a wise thing to do, and it saves the planet."

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