Mayor Roy congratulates Jeff Hall for Alexandria Mayoral victory

ALEXANDRIA, La. (City of Alexandria) - Alexandria Mayor Jacques Roy has congratulated Representative Jeff Hall for his victory in the Alexandria Mayoral Race. Here is Mayor Roy's statement:

Image Source: KALB

“First of all, congratulations to Representative Hall for a historic
win. In addition to the work and commitment it takes to win the office, Mr. Hall has achieved a milestone in Alexandria politics as its first African-American mayor. This has profound meaning to our community and especially to so many children who will remember this moment and dream of their own opportunities to serve. It also stands as a singular accomplishment for those seeking the trust of others - and one with serious responsibilities. We will help make it smooth and helpful, and we salute and challenge our staff to help Mr. Hall hit the ground running on day one. I must express my sorrow Mr. Roosevelt Johnson will be leaving his office because of his immense heart for service. I have never seen someone work harder for people in my life. We congratulate Mr. Porter and note the literally big shoes he has to fill, and we salute Mr. Villard for his work paying off once again. To all those who did not quite hit the mark, thank you for your service and for caring enough to run and try to make Alexandria a better place. God bless all of you and the City of Alexandria.”

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