Mayor Roy gives update on where confirmation process stands for APD chief

File photo of Mayor Jacques Roy. (Source: KALB)

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - On December 3, Jeff Hall will be sworn in as the City of Alexandria's next mayor. Hall, avoided a runoff on Tuesday night, grabbing 53-percent of the vote, defeating opponents Kay Michiels and Catherine Davidson.

As current Mayor Jacques Roy's administration comes to an end and the transition process begins, loose ends are being tied up.

One of the biggest questions we have received at News Channel 5 is what happens next with the police chief process after Jerrod King was named chief of police of the Alexandria Police Department in May. King is under a probationary period that can last up to a year.

In October, News Channel 5 hosted a mayoral debate where the issue of King's pending confirmation was brought up and if the candidates would confirm King as chief if given the option that day.

Here's what Hall had to say at the time: "I have spoken with Mr. King. Fine fellow, fine man. We had a wonderful conversation and he kind of gave me some ideas about what he was thinking about and what he was going to do. I would have to speak a little bit more before I could say on the air or right now that would definitely be the case. But, more than likely, he would have a place in the formula, whatever I come up with, whatever we come up with. By all means, I think he is more than competent. There are others that I am sure are competent. But, I would really want to see the whole gamut of what we would have to select from and strategically where we are going to be going and how we're going to get there. I would think that he would certainly have a place in the organization without a doubt."

On Wednesday, we asked Mayor Roy for an update on the confirmation process for King and, specifically if he plans to confirm him before Hall takes over.

Mayor Roy sent us this statement: "Chief King entered a formal process that concludes with review by a committee. He is in his probationary period and is not up for confirmation yet. To answer your question is a form of pre-selection. His fitness is determined at the end not before. The continued practice of appointed personnel using, or benefiting from, the media to influence personnel outcomes has become alarming and constant with KALB and some civil servants. And I cannot be a part of any story pitting the process against the Mayor-Elect, who has an absolute right to weigh in on and add value to the subject. Asking Mr. Hall is fair game, but asking the civil service process to comment on his answer is just plain political."

News Channel 5 reached out to Chief King afterward. He gave us this statement: "I am going to do the best job I can do for the city and the department because that is what the citizens deserve from me and the police department. Everything else will take care of itself."