Mayor fires back at councilmen's calls to resign

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Three Alexandria City Councilmen are calling for Mayor Jacques Roy’s resignation after they claim he intimidated the police representative for the Civil Service Board.

Source: KALB

Councilmen Ed Larvadain, Joe Fuller, and Jules Green called a news conference Tuesday evening, one in which they took no questions, alleging that the mayor intimidated Corporal Alan Stokes when he asked Stokes about the Police Chief selection process.

Earlier this month, Stokes filed a complaint with the Alexandria Police Department saying that Mayor Roy asked "who the two candidates for chief of police were." It's important to note that the claim in the police report consists of largely incomplete sentences and doesn't elaborate one what Mayor Roy wanted to know about.

The report states that when Stokes "could not disseminate that information," Mayor Roy allegedly said to him that it was "an act of insubordination and he would be dealt with accordingly.

"This kind of bullying, threatening, pressuring, arm twisting, bulldozing, and terrifying demeanor is unacceptable,” said Councilman Larvadain. “As a public official of this city I am embarrassed of the conduct of Mayor Roy and so should you. No one is above the law. Not even Mayor Roy."

However, Mayor Roy said the claims of intimidation aren't true and are the just the latest example negative politics from the three councilmen.

"When you see demagoguery and gas lighting, it should be obvious,” said Mayor Roy. “When someone keeps telling you the moon is made of cheese, and you know it isn't true, but they keep telling you over and over again, it doesn't make it true. But someone can keep saying it forever. You now have several of these so-called press conferences where everything said is a big to-do and it all pans out after the investigations are complete. This is now the third case that this will happen; totally false."

For a look at the complaint in the police report filed by Stokes, see the attached link.

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