Meetings held to discuss possible Leesville, New Llano merger

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LEESVILLE, La. (KALB) - In Vernon Parish, talks of New Llano and Leesville merging are still on the table.

Logan Morris, President of the Vernon Parish Chamber of Commerce | Source: KALB

The president of the Vernon Parish Chamber of Commerce, Logan Morris, addressed residents from both communities on Tuesday night, starting in Leesville at the First Assembly Church near South Fifth Street, then making his way to City Hall in New Llano.

Morris and the Chamber are in favor of the two communities merging together. Leesville Mayor Rick Allen, who also says he's in support of the merger, would be willing to step down as mayor if the merger is successful. New Llano Mayor Carolyn Todd says the town does not want to merge.

Morris addressed the residents of New Llano briefly before running out of time.

''With the good and the bad, we are not asking for everyone to believe that everything's great. We simply want the opportunity to get the information out,” Morris said. “I'm glad that I held the separate session at the church as it was evident tonight Mayor Todd had no intention of allowing me to complete the presentation. She agreed to give me plenty of time for five minutes and 40 seconds.''

''It didn't make sense to have a whole lot of talk,” Mayor Todd said. “We could have been here all night talking about what he felt should be and shouldn't be, then it would have just created more chaos. So, I wanted to keep it at a minimum. He expressed his plan and he did a very good job of expressing, but it still didn't answer what the people need to know in New Llano.''

Mayor Todd says New Llano will bring in their own consultants to advise the town about what's best for them. Those numbers will be presented at the next council meeting in March.

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