Millions in penalties for fatal offshore platform fire

Source: MGN Online

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - An oil industry services company will pay $9.5 million in penalties for Gulf of Mexico safety violations and for pollution from a 2012 offshore platform fire that killed three workers.

The penalties against Houston-based Wood Group PSN were announced Thursday by the U.S. Justice Department in Washington and U.S. attorneys in New Orleans and Lafayette, Louisiana, where civil and criminal cases have been playing out. The penalties followed plea agreements.

Wood Group will pay $7 million for falsely reporting that safety inspections were performed on Gulf of Mexico facilities. Another $1.8 million in penalties are for discharging oil into the gulf in the November 2012 explosion that killed three workers on a platform owned by Black Elk Energy Offshore Operations LLC.

Wood Group also will pay $700,000 for community service projects.

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