Mississippi River won't be as high as feared

As rain bands cover the French Quarter, a green strip remnant of an old Mississippi River levee is nearly submerged as seen atop the current Mississippi River levee in Algiers Point where the unusually high river is at 16.9 feet, which is just under the minor flood stage of 17 feet, in New Orleans, La., Friday, July 12, 2019, ahead of landfall of Tropical Storm Barry. The levees protect to at least 20 feet. | Photo Source: AP Photo / Matthew Hinton

NEW ORLEANS, La. (AP) - Forecasters expect the Mississippi River to crest about 2 feet lower in New Orleans than previously predicted - good news for those who feared the river might spill over the levees that protect the city.

The National Weather Service said Friday night that the river will rise as high as 17.1 feet by Monday in New Orleans.

Forecasters had earlier thought the river would crest Saturday at about 19 feet in New Orleans.

The levees protecting the city range from about 20 to 25 feet high.

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