Mistrial declared for Alexandria man charged with kidnapping, attempted rape

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - A mistrial was declared on Thursday in the case of Richard Dauzart, 39, of Alexandria. He was charged in January 2018 for second-degree kidnapping and attempted first-degree rape.

Source: RPSO

This change is due to new evidence found in the case.

At the Rapides Parish Courthouse on Wednesday, after opening arguments by Dauzart's attorney, Chad Guillot, Guillot revealed to judge Chris Hazel that Dauzart had shown him a video of Dauzart and the victim allegedly engaged in a sexual act.

This put a halt in the trial, as the jury was dismissed for the day.

Dauzart's cell phone was confiscated and a Louisiana State Police investigator was asked to retrieve the data. A subpoena was also issued for Dauzart.

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