Mom forces daughter, 14, to drink alcohol for punishment

Published: Mar. 29, 2018 at 4:05 PM CDT
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Police in Somerset, Kentucky say a woman forced her daughter to drink alcohol until she was "extremely intoxicated," and part of the incident was caught on camera.

Miranda Polston told detectives she was trying to teach her 14-year-old a lesson, but now Polston is in jail.

On March 10, Somerset Police say Polston walked into her home and found her daughter drinking.

"Ms. Polston told our detective that she was trying to prove to her daughter that alcohol was bad by forcing her to drink more alcohol," said Capt. Mike Correll.

Captain Correll says an anonymous text tip led to the discovery of a video showing the victim in an "extremely intoxicated state."

"She tells her mother no, screams it out a couple of times in the video. And the mother continues to force her to drink alcohol," said Capt. Correll.

Police say at one point on camera, Polston told her daughter she could be on MTV and make a million dollars. Later on, Captain Correll says Polston and others are seen laughing when the 14-year-old fell face-first on the floor.

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