Monday is deadline for filing 2018 taxes

CENTRAL, La. (KALB) - 50 million taxpayers have yet to file their taxes, according to the IRS. The deadline is Monday, April 15.

Taxpayers will have until midnight to file an individual tax return or request an extension.

Filing extensions will push the deadline back to October 15, however any owed taxes are still due on Monday.

Local tax services like Jackson Hewitt said they had a busy weekend with last minute filers. They will be open late again on Monday to help those who need it.

"Don't panic," said Jackson Hewitt employee Darla Smith. A lot of people have thought they would owe this year and they have been surprised that they haven't. Just come with your paperwork. We will help take care of you. We are scheduled to be open until 9, or until the last person comes."

Of course, taxpayers can always file with an online service or by using resources on the IRS' website. They provide free filing options, explain how to request and extension and have secure ways to pay any taxes due. For more information visit their website in the attached link.