Monthly moon names for January, February and March

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Did you know? Every full moon has a unique name every month throughout the calendar year.

January is called a Wolf Moon, February is called a Snow Moon and March is called a Worm Moon. We will discuss the names of the moons throughout the year, but for now, let's focus on the first three months.

The Wolf Moon occurred on late Sunday night, January 20, 2019, and appeared copper-colored in our night sky. Both the medieval Europeans and Native Americans named the full moon in January after the howling of wolves that are starving during the midwinter due to the scarcity of food. Besides the Wolf Moon, other names for the January full moon are an old moon and also an ice moon.

The Snow Moon will occur on Tuesday, February 19 in the morning. As the winters are typically cold and snowy (not here!), this is what earned the name of Snow Moon. Besides the Snow Moon, other names for the February full moon are the storm moon and the hunger moon.

Finally, the Worm Moon will occur on Wednesday, March 20 in the evening. As winter comes to a close, this last full moon is named after the worm trails that show the newly thawed ground. Besides the Worm Moon, other names for the March full moon are the chaste moon, death moon, crust moon and the sap moon. The crust moon name is in reference to snow that becomes crusty and then thaws out during the day and at night.

This is the first of four in my quarterly moon name web articles throughout 2019. Check back in a couple months to see the next article, discussing the April, May and June full moons!

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