More details released on additional charges Kayla Giles faces

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - On Monday, Kayla Giles, 31, was re-arrested for charges unrelated to a September 8 shooting where she is charged with second-degree murder for shooting her soon-to-be ex-husband, Thomas Coutee, Jr., in the parking lot of Walmart on Coliseum Boulevard in front of three children.

Source: RPSO

The Alexandria Police Department released the reports from those incidents, both of which occurred before the shooting.

The first charge was on a warrant for domestic abuse battery on August 8. The report said Giles was meeting her husband in the Kroger’s parking lot for a custody exchange.

The report reads that during the exchange, Coutee’s door accidentally struck Giles on the buttocks. She became upset and allegedly started punching Coutee in the face. He held her back until she stopped.

The responding officer noticed both of Coutee’s cheeks were red, and he had a knot above his eyebrow. However, he did not need medical attention.

The second charge was for theft of $5,000-$25,000 on September 5. The report said Coutee called police about Giles stealing $5,200 out of his bank account to pay the Montessori Educational Center without his permission.

Coutee told police that he and Giles had been separated since February 2018, but their divorce wouldn’t be final until February 2019. He said Giles was responsible for paying the tuition to Montessori, and that her name is the only one on the account.

Coutee also said that he had the bank account before he and Giles were married and that her name was never put on the account. He accused her of using his account and routing number to make the wireless transfer.

Coutee further explained to the officer that he and Giles only have one child together and that he’s only responsible for taking care of her. The money was allegedly used to pay for Giles’ other children.

Giles’ bond for the domestic abuse battery charge is set at $1,500. No bond has been set for the theft charge.

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