More than 300 graduates grab diplomas at CLTCC's commencement

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - As graduation season comes to an end, Thursday it was CLTCC's turn to hold commencement. But 2019's class was special because they are the largest graduating class in the school’s history.

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More than 300 excited graduates from all eight campuses grabbed their diplomas, as well as 120 picking up their high school equivalency diploma.

As enrollment continues to go up, the college's chancellor, Jimmy Sawtelle, said a two-year education is vital to Central Louisiana. He's pointed out that most jobs in the area require more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year university degree.

This year's keynote speaker was US Attorney, Stephanie Finley. Her message to the graduates: It’s on the beginning.

"It's a wonderful celebration of their hard work and determination” expressed Finley. “But I want to remind them that while this mission is accomplished their journey continues. They've got more education, and more on the job training. They're the future. They're the future in Louisiana. They're the future in the workforce. They're the future leaders, so we need their vision and we need them to keep working."

Finley is a part of the United States Department of Justice and is a retired lieutenant colonel of the Air Force.

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