More than 300 residents participate in the "20th Annual Spirit's 5K and Beer Mile"

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Saturday evening residents in Alexandria figured out if they have what it takes to run a mile, but with a beer in their hand.

Runners take to the starting line for the "20th Annual Spirit's 5K and Beer Mile"| KALB

More than 300 residents participated in the "20th Annual Spirit's 5K and Beer Mile." Saturday's event contained two races, a regular 5K, and a beer mile.

The rules for the Beer Mile participants had to drink one beer every quarter-mile. Do the math, and that's four beers.

The race ran through the Beautiful Historic Garden District, all proceeds collected from today's event went the Manna House, which helps feed hundreds of people across Cenla.

"The last years, we've been donating all the money that we raised for the race to the local Manna House." Lee Gwinn said. "[The Manna House] feeds, people in need in our community approximately 200 to 250 people per day, and the money raised today will hopefully feed that many people for at least a month."

The event raised more than $10,000.

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