Moreauville makes history with first female mayor, all black council

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MOREAUVILLE, La. (KALB) - Moreauville voters made history when they elected the first all-black council, and what makes it even more historic is that the town has about 900 residents and 72% are white.


Just over a third of the local voting, about 38%, cast ballots in the November elections and all three winners of the council received more than 200 votes.

The new mayor, Beryl Holmes, and the new alderman, Shannon Sampson, have both officially been sworn in. Holmes is also the first female mayor of Moreauville.

"It's a great feeling, because ten years ago, I wanted to run for public office, and I was told that Avoyelles Parish was not ready for a woman to be in office," Holmes said. "So here I am today ten years later, I'm a Native American/Black African-American, and I'm a woman."

Mayor Holmes also added that with the voter turnout being so low in this past election, moving forward, she encourages everyone to get out and vote.

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