Motorcyclist traveling across U.S. for veterans, stops in Leesville

Published: Apr. 20, 2019 at 8:22 PM CDT
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An Oregon man is traveling around the borders of the United States on his motorcycle, on a mission to help veterans.

He stopped by Leesville on Saturday, accompanied by his sidekick Lucky Louie.

Josh Hart coordinated a veterans ride to help benefit local Leesville non profit Brother and Sisters in Arms. The organization covers expenses to train service dogs for veterans in need. They get a lot of their dogs from local shelters which also attracted Hart's attention, who rescued his dog five months back.

Hart and Lucky Lou set out on this adventure back in March in Tuscon, Arizona. They plan to be on the road for 10 months. They will travel about 28 states and 10,000 miles. His goal is to visit a large number of VAs across the U.S. and organize as many rides as possible, to raise awareness for nonprofits that focus on veterans needs.

"There is this growing suicide epidemic," Hart said. "A lot of depression, a lot of anxiety, a lot of substance abuse, a lot of joblessness, homelessness among our veterans. I just couldn't think of a more deserving group of men and woman to try and shine a light on and advocate for in this season of my life."

Hart is headed to Pensacola, Florida next. His adventure will come full circle on November 11 for his last ride on Veteran's Day.

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