'Mr. Wonder' sentenced to time served, three years supervised release for passport issue

Source: RPSO

SAN DIEGO, Ca. (KALB) - Frank Selas, the former Monroe children's TV show host known as "Mr. Wonder," who pleaded guilty last year to indecent behavior with a juvenile for sexually assaulting a child in the 1970s on a camping trip in Rapides Parish, has been sentenced in California on a federal charge.

Selas, 79 of San Diego, CA, was released from prison in September 2018 in Louisiana. But, around July 2018, the United States District Court for the Southern District of California filed a complaint against him for "willfully and knowingly" making false statements in an application for a passport when he applied for one in July 2014. According to prosecutors, he changed the spelling of his last name.

If convicted, Selas faced up to 10 years in prison. But, on Monday, he found out his fate. Judge William Hayes sentenced Selas to time served followed by three years of supervised release. He also had to pay a $100 assessment, but didn't have to pay a fine.

Selas has had trouble already with abiding by the terms of his supervised release pertaining to his Louisiana case. He has been arrested three times since September 2018 for apparent violations, but has been released each time without penalty.