NOLA juvenile tries to carjack an undercover state trooper

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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WWL) - A 13-year-old apparently picked the wrong person to attempt to carjack near Green and Broadway in uptown New Orleans.

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An undercover state trooper was sitting in an unmarked pick-up truck near Tulane University conducting surveillance as part of a drug sting when a dark-colored car pulled up.

“A juvenile ended up getting out of his car and attempted to get into the trooper's car,” said SGT. Jared Sandifer of the Louisiana State Police. “That's when the shots were fired.”

State police confirm the trooper fired his service weapon at the boy but did not hit him. Police wouldn't say if the boy was armed.

The 13-year-old got back into the dark-colored vehicle a sped away. Neighbor Steve Barbier heard the shots.

“Two or three. I was sitting up watching television and I definitely knew they were gunshots,” Barbier said. “Looked out the window and that's when the car came tearing by.”

A short time later troopers located the juvenile walking in the area and arrested him. They booked him on one count of attempted carjacking. He was already wanted on an outstanding warrant for an unrelated burglary in New Orleans. Police are still looking for the driver of the getaway car.

“The whole circumstances are still under investigation of why shots were fired. We're trying to get to the bottom of it all,” SGT. Sandifer said.

New Orleans police searched for evidence outside a home across the street from where the attempted carjacking happened. A bullet shattered a window next to the front door. Neighbors called the shooting alarming.

“It's certainly scary. I'm glad the police officer is okay and the young man was caught,” said John Kellogg, a neighbor.

Police didn't identify the 13-year-old, but, a law enforcement source told the New Orleans Advocate newspaper the trooper involved is veteran narcotics agent sergeant Trent Cuccia.

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