NOLA trial begins anew for feces-smearing suspect in cop's death

Image Source: MGN
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (AP) - Jury selection is about to begin anew for a man who short-circuited his October murder trial by smearing his head and face with excrement he had smuggled into a New Orleans courtroom.

Travis Boys has since been judged mentally competent to stand trial in the 2015 shooting death of New Orleans police officer Daryl Holloway. Potential jurors report Wednesday to the courtroom of state District Judge Karen Herman.

The judge ordered a mental evaluation for Boys after the feces-smearing incident and has since declared that he "hijacked" the proceedings with his stunt.

Holloway was fatally shot as he transported Boys to jail after an earlier arrest. Police said they believe the gun was smuggled into the police SUV that Holloway was driving.

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