National Hurricane Center monitoring low pressure area in Atlantic

Hurricane season is still a few weeks away, but the National Hurricane Center is already monitoring an area of low pressure in the central Atlantic.

Looking at recent analysis, it appears this system is not fully warm-cored, which is what it would take for the storm to become fully tropical. It's currently sitting over water temperatures in the low-mid 60s, which is also not conducive for warm-cored tropical development. It appears to be phasing with an upper-level trough that's coming in from the northwest. This means that if it did form, it would not be a fully tropical system.

This system may, however, have a brief window to become a SUB-TROPICAL depression or storm before it gets absorbed by the incoming trough. It appears that this system will only affect maritime interests and will not pose a threat to the U.S.

Speaking in terms of climatology, if it were to achieve a name, it would be the first named April system in the Atlantic since 2003. Its named would be Arlene.

This serves as a good testing of our equipment and a reminder that the 2017 hurricane season is fast approaching!

~Meteorologist Trevor Sonnier