New Llano makes history by appointing first African American mayor

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NEW LLANO, La. (KALB) - Monday morning, Carolyn Todd raised her right hand to take the oath as New Llano's next mayor.

The Town of New Llano makes history by appointing the town's first African American mayor. | KALB

People in attendance at Monday's ceremony gave a round of applause as Todd made history becoming the town's first African American and first woman to serve as mayor.

"It was a dream come true," Todd explained. "There are times that I didn't think that I would get to this point, because I felt like I had more of a voice as a council member."

Todd's first time making history came in 1990 when she became a council member.

"I brought in a resolution today on the behalf of the State Senate recognizing her long service to the community," Mike Reese, the State Senator for District 30 said. "She was the first African American female to be elected to the city council, and now she is the first female and African American to be the mayor of the Town of New Llano."

Todd's 30 years of service finally starting to pay off.

"All this was God's timing," Todd explained. "It had nothing to do with anything I did in particular."

For Todd, the time is now, as she'll serve as the town's interim mayor until the special election in November. Todd did inform KALB she plans to run for reelection.

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