New England braces for a third Nor'easter storm

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(NBC News) - New England is being hammered by yet another nor'easter, its third in two weeks.

New England braces for Third Nor'easter | Image Source: NBC

An estimated 50 million people are in the path of this third storm, a blizzard bringing heavy winds and storm surge along the coast of Massachusetts, with some areas expecting up to two feet of snow.

"The forecast calls for the heavy snow we've been seeing for the past few hours to fall about 1 to 3 inches per hour for most of the rest of the day, ending late afternoon," said Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker.

The heavy snow is pulling down power lines in Massachusetts and pushing the total number of homes without power to more than 230,000 by Tuesday afternoon.

Travel proving treacherous in many places or canceled altogether at many airports across the eastern seaboard.

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