New Llano appoints a new mayor in Tuesday's council meeting

The Vernon Parish community of New Llano. (KALB)
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NEW LLANO, La (KALB) - New Llano makes history by appointing the town's first female and first African American mayor.

Denis Jordan, the town's previous mayor decided to resign this year, and Tuesday evening, during a council meeting the town decided to appoint longtime councilwoman Carolyn Todd.

Todd started her career in politics back in 1990, after she was elected to serve as the town's councilwoman. Over the years, her career would grow and she would become the city's mayor pro tempore. In her role, Todd would step in for the mayor when he was not present, and she's officially taken over the responsibility as the interim mayor.

"I want to focus on us," Todd said, after accepting her new role. "It's not just about me... everybody can do something. I want to get the community involved."

The town will now need to replace Todd's vacant council seat, and there will be a special election for the mayor's office in November of 2020, and Todd already said she plans to run once again.

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