New Louisiana inspection stickers coming this winter

Published: Oct. 16, 2019 at 4:57 PM CDT
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New and improved vehicle inspection stickers will soon be available at inspection stations across the state.

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles said they should have them by January.

Over the summer our Baton Rouge affiliate WAFB reported that the glue on the back of current stickers was faulty and causing them to peel off of windshields. The OMV then announced drivers could get the sticker replaced at an inspection station, or use clear tape.

But, lately, local residents told us the tape is peeling off.

OMV Customer Service Administrator Kelly Simmons said they are trying to distribute the new stickers as soon as possible.

"We've since modified the specifications and have ordered new stickers to come," Simmons said. "Hopefully we won't be dealing with this soon. No later than the first of the year we should have new stickers available. The inspection stations can come and purchase, and start supplying those because we know it is an issue."

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