New Orleans gets mapping program, grant to fight opioids

Image Source: MGN
Image Source: MGN(KALB)
Published: Nov. 11, 2019 at 4:17 PM CST
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The district attorney for New Orleans has launched two new initiatives to reduce opioid-related deaths.

that Leon Cannizzaro pushed for the adoption of a mapping program that allows officials to track overdose cases in real-time. The city council approved the initiative last week.

Overdose information collected by emergency workers will be fed into the program, where it can be used to aid investigations. Examples include identifying overdose spikes caused by a bad batch of drugs or helping to track down drug dealers.

that his office has been awarded a two-year grant totaling about $357,000.

The grant will help bring additional resources to fatal overdose investigations by supporting a coroner's office investigator, an assistant district attorney and a case advocate.

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