New Orleans moves closer to short-term rental restrictions

Image Source: Pexels / MGN

NEW ORLEANS, La. (AP) - "Whole-home" vacation rentals such as those arranged online by Airbnb could soon be outlawed in residential areas of New Orleans.

City council members voted Thursday to advance the latest version of a proposal to strengthen regulations on short-term rentals in the tourism-dependent city.

Member Kristin Gisleson Palmer unveiled the proposal late last year. It would limit short-term rental licenses in residential areas to one owner-occupied property apiece. It addressed complaints that outside investors have bought up homes for vacation rentals, driving up property values and taxes and driving out full-time residents.

Some short-term rental property owners demonstrated against the proposal outside of City Hall.

Thursday's vote sets in motion studies and hearings by the city's planning commission that could result in various amendments. Final action is expected in the spring.

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