New positivity program at Tioga High helps freshmen with transition

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RAPIDES PARISH, La. (KALB) - A call to the principal's office is usually a bad sign, but this year at Tioga High School it might actually mean some praise is in order.

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The school's freshmen academy has started a positive behavior referral program to reward extraordinary students.

The referral isn't given for just one good deed. Teachers take note of freshmen that consistently go out of their way to make a positive impact.

Administration then call students down to the office to thank them and let them know what their teachers wrote. It may seem like a simple gesture, but teachers hope it makes a difference at a time when freshmen may need extra positivity.

"In 9th grade you see a lot of bullying and you see a lot of depression, with students that are becoming adults," said Freshmen Academy teacher Krystal Myrick. "One of the important things that I note with this, is that we are praising students for being that light, being that positivity. That way we can hopefully get them to create a change in our students."

So far eight students have been recognized.

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