Newspaper report suggests AG Jeff Landry profited off immigrant labor scheme

(Image Source: Louisiana Attorney General's Office)
(Image Source: Louisiana Attorney General's Office)(KALB)
Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 1:53 PM CST
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A report from The Advocate newspaper is putting a spotlight on Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s business dealings with a man in prison for cheating the immigration system so he could make money.

Marco Pesquera is a felon who is currently in jail for other immigration crimes.

Pesquera told Advocate reporters he created a number of fake companies and made misleading documents to try and secure visas for foreign construction workers, the newspaper report says.

A limited number of visas are allowed under the immigration program, which is competitive because those migrants workers are generally cheaper to employ than Americans. The work visas do not let the immigrant workers leave for a better job.

So, if what Pesquera says he did is true than Landry’s companies could have saved a lot of money for work they were doing on a natural gas plant in Cameron Parish by employing migrant workers.

The Landry family issued a statement to the newspaper.

His brother Benjamin Landry, a co-owner of the businesses, says The Advocate is playing politics.

“The Advocate went to a convicted criminal - a person who caused us tremendous difficulty. Someone on whom I blew the whistle to shut down his potentially fraudulent business practices,” Benjamin Landry said in a recorded statement before The Advocate story was published.

Pesquera did tell The Advocate he turned over emails and records that back up his statements in hopes he might get a deal with federal prosecutors.

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