Now Showing: ‘Bad Boys for Life’ and ‘Dolittle’

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LOS ANGELES, Cali. (CNN) - A sequel and a remake, both featuring massive movie stars, hit theaters this weekend.

A scene from Sony Pictures' film "Bad Boys for Life", starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. | Source: Sony Pictures via MGN

Seventeen years after they last teamed up, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence go for one more ride in "Bad Boys for Life." The long-awaited third film in the franchise is getting good reviews, and box office watchers say the action flick will debut atop the box office, taking in as much as 45 million dollars over the four-day MLK weekend.

Critics have a different take on "Dolittle." The latest remake of the classic stories about a man who can communicate with animals is getting atrocious reviews. Will Robert Downey Jr.'s star power help bring audiences to the family film? Analysts are looking at a four-day opening weekend of 22 to 28 million dollars. Not great for a movie that cost about 175 million to make.

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