Oakdale High School faces flooding aftermath

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OAKDALE, La. (KALB) - Flooding in Allen Parish affected many areas, including Oakdale High School, where staff began cleanup efforts Monday morning.

Flooding at Oakdale High School | Photo Source: KALB

Water came into the building over the weekend on the first floor of most of the campus. The cleanup process began Sunday and continued into Monday. While most of the water from the school has been cleaned, the field house still has remnants of the flood and the floors have to be re-waxed.

News Channel 5 spoke with Principal Brian Soileau who said once the water started pouring in Sunday, there was nothing they could do to stop it.

"We had twelve inches of rain in a little over 2 hours," Soileau said. "So we've been able to clean it up a lot, but we still have a little bit left to do."

Soileau added that repairs and the cleanup process will be finished before students return to school in August.

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