Observing Black History month at Fort Polk

Fort Polk, LA. (KALB) The Fort Polk Equal Opportunity Advisor and the 115th Combat Army Support Hospital hosted a Black History Month Seminar at the 1st MEB gym on post, Thursday afternoon.

Brig. Gen. Gary Brito, Garrison Commander of Fort Polk gets help cutting cake from members of Leesville High School Step Team. (Source: KALB)

The event featured performances from the Leesville High School Choir, Black Heritage Club, Step and Praise teams, along with poems and singing from soldiers. The keynote speaker for the observance, a retired Lieutenant Colonel who was stationed at Fort Polk four times. Once as a military dependent and three times during her 25 years in the Army. Francine M. LeDoux encouraged soldiers by sharing her testimony of overcoming obstacles as a black female officer, and an assertive at that, she adds.

"I did what I was told to do and when I felt like I needed to do or say more, I knew there was a way to do it, and I knew there was a way to say it, to be heard to be understood and not reprimanded," said LeDoux. "Sometimes life throws all sorts of obstacles at you, I had some when I was in the military but I overcame and they (soldiers) can do the same."

LeDoux is currently a nursing instructor at the Central Louisiana Technical College-Lamar Salter campus in Vernon Parish.