PQ Corporation-Pineville Plant is 29th Business of the Year

Byron Lavalais, president Pineville Rotary Club, (left), and Justin Lemmons, Rotary member, (right) present Ken Bunting, PQ Corporation Plant Manager, with the 2019 Business of the Year Award, based on PQ Corporation’s stellar performance, community involvement and impressive safety-first culture.

PINEVILLE, La. (Pineville Rotary Club) - The Pineville Rotary Club awarded its 29th Annual Business of the Year Award to PQ Corporation-Pineville Plant on Thursday November 14, 2019. The plant has been operating in Pineville since 1969 and has a staff of 11.

“We look for a business that exhibits Rotary’s 'Four Way Test' of truth, fairness, goodwill and benefits to all in its dealings,” said Byron Lavalais, president of Pineville Rotary Club. “PQ Corporation and the Pineville Plant are models of these characteristics, with impressive records on safety and community support.”

Ken Bunting has 20 years with the plant, and rose through the ranks to serve as plant manager since 2017.

“The plant takes special, high quality sand, sourced from Louisiana, and combines it with soda ash to manufacture glass. This industrial glass is further processed onsite and delivered to detergent manufacturers, oil refineries and drilling operations,” Bunting said.

The plant operates 24-hours a day 365 days a year with a true safety-first culture. Bunting explained this means any employee is authorized to stop plant activity immediately if a safety issue is discovered. Once shut down, the situation is assessed with input from all on hand before taking any next steps, he added.

This does not happen often but contributes to a commendable and rare safety record of over 50 years without a lost-time injury and 19 years without an OSHA recordable safety incident.

Besides the enviable safety culture and focus on quality products, PQ Corporation and the Pineville Plant demonstrate significant commitment to local community service and support. They serve as Tioga Elementary’s Partner in Education, providing ongoing resources for student of the week awards and for student participation in various school activities, and regularly meeting and greeting students and coaching.

Among other volunteer activities, plant employees sponsor a local family’s complete Christmas celebration every year. The company, the plant and individual employees join forces to select and purchase appropriate toys and other special gifts for the family, festive decorations including a Christmas tree, and add a gift card for the family to purchase all the food they need to make their holiday special.

“Pineville Rotary is grateful we can claim this excellent enterprise as part of our local community. We are proud to recognize its focus on safety, quality and service to local education in awarding PQ Corporation-Pineville Plant our 29th Annual Business of the Year,” said Rotary President Lavalais.

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