Paroled offender squanders opportunity

(Image Source: MGN)

Baton Rouge, La. (LDPSC) - Unfortunately, after being given another chance at becoming part of society, it seems as though Tyrone White squandered that opportunity.

This week, law enforcement in Jefferson Parish responded quickly to the incident involving White, who is in custody and charged with armed robbery. Probation and Parole was immediately notified about the incident and his subsequent arrest. That means the system is working.

At the time of his release on November 2, 2017, White was serving time for simple burglary, which is not listed as a violent crime under Louisiana law. He was incarcerated approximately four years. Prior to his early release, he met with a transition specialist and received 100 hours of re-entry programming.

Some parolees will re-offend, but the reforms are working and we cannot let anecdote trump proven data to prevent us from adopting evidence-based strategies that have increased public safety in many of our neighboring states, and it will work in Louisiana as well.

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