Pineville City Council moves forward with alcohol and smoking regulation ordinances

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - There was a large turnout for Tuesday’s Pineville City Council meeting. Among many things on the agenda were an ordinance regarding alcohol sales in the city of Pineville as well as an ordinance regarding smoking regulations.

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The ordinance regarding alcohol voted on was in reference to the special election held in December in which Pineville residents voted to allow the increase of alcohol sales. Now, the Council will take the next step toward managing these new alcohol sale laws for Pineville.

Members will be appointed to an Alcohol Beverage Control Commission, but Pineville Mayor Clarence Fields said that prospective members will need to go through an education process on the details of the ordinance so they will best know how to go about managing the sales.

"We think we have some things in place with the help of the tax administrations office now to move forward with a model ordinance that fits Pineville that we can manage,” said Mayor Fields.

Also on the agenda was to discuss an ordinance related to smoking regulations in the city. We spoke with City Attorney Mark Vilar who said that this ordinance will take state smoking laws that are already in place and tweak them to better keep the people of Pineville safe.

"Literally to address the issue of smoking in bars but also smoking in public places and to address as best we possibly can to protect the interest of non-smokers and trying to protect them from taking on second-hand smoke,” said Mayor Fields. “We've done a lot on this particular ordinance, and there's a lot more to do."

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