Pineville Elementary leads the way

PINEVILLE, LA. (KALB) - Pineville Elementary held a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday afternoon to celebrate being a "Leader In Me" school.

Image Source: KALB

Pineville Elementary has partnered with the United Way to install the "Leader In Me" program, a program designed to transform the culture of schools and instill students with skills they need to be successful in the 21st century.

Pineville elementary principal Dr. Erin Stokes believes that the partnership will bring positive change to her students and the community.

“The 'Leader In Me' is so impactful on students’ lives, personally and not just academically, it takes care of the whole child, it’s a program or a process, I should say, that really impacts every part of a child's life.”

United Way spokesperson Sandra McQuaine was very impressed with Pineville Elementary’s commitment to the program and even more impressed with the school’s leader.

“What makes Pineville Elementary a leader in me, is the leader at Pineville Elementary, and that's Dr. Erin Stokes. When we first presented to several schools the opportunity to become our pilot school for 'Leader In Me', Erin stepped up, the faculty stepped up. We decided this was the right place to invest.”

The "Leader In Me" program is prominent in parishes around the state, but Pineville Elementary is the first school to participate in the program in Rapides Parish.

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