Pineville Junior High School teacher creating blessing bags for the homeless

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - As it gets closer to the holidays, giving to those in need becomes a priority for some people, but for one local teacher, caring for the homeless is important to her year-round.

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Donna Jones, an eighth-grade science teacher at Pineville Junior High School said she keeps small care packages in her car, giving them to people in need, as she passes them.

Mrs. Jones said she's always had a giving heart, that's why she created a student self-care closet at the school, along with starting a class project called "Blessing Bags for the Homeless".

Jones collects a variety of necessities from the community, and after her class fills bags with those donations, they're distributed to those living on the streets, or places like the Salvation Army.

Last year, her class made 40 blessing bags for the homeless, this year the class goal is to make 100 bags.

Jones said she doesn't know where her passion comes from, she just wants everyone to feel loved.

"I didn't grow up wanting for anything, my mom married a really good man, and he helped raise us in a manner that we didn't need anything,” Jones explained as she shed a tear. “So, I can't say that I had a hard life because I didn't, we never needed for anything, and didn't want for anything, and I just need to make sure that other people can have that opportunity."

If you would like to donate to Mrs. Jones Blessing Bags for the Homeless, click here.

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