Pineville Police looking to catch suspects quicker with Community Camera Program

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - We all know security cameras are helpful little tools. They keep an eye on our individual homes and businesses and give law enforcement a resource if a crime occurs.

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It’s a little gadget that Patti Terrell, manager of Po-boy Express in Pineville, said has been around her restaurant for three decades.

“It’s a little more tech savvy now,” laughed Terrell. “Back in the day it was just the VHS tapes, but we’ve pretty much always had the security camera.”

She said it was originally meant as a way to keep an eye on the building while they were away. But now, she said they have a few more uses.

“Times have changed a little bit,” explained Terrell. “We had left a window unlocked and a lady came in and took some chicken wings out of our freezer and then left. That was caught on camera.”

It made the process easier for police to catch the suspect.

“We find that a lot of time people and businesses have cameras, and it tracks information and gets video of suspects,” said Deputy Chief Darrell Basco, Pineville Police Department.

Basco said it’s a big help, but PPD wants to take it a step further.

“We started what we call our Community Camera Program,” said Basco. “What we’re hoping it’ll do is develop a database of businesses and residents that have cameras in them.”

The idea is to have a list of places with surveillance systems, so PPD can have eyes on any crimes that may happen nearby.

“If we have a burglary in the 900 block of Main Street, our investigators will have a list of places in the area that they could reach out and ask them to review their cameras.”

It’s an easy process to sign up. Just one click on PPD’s website, and a little information so police can contact you if you’re needed.

“We keep the information here,” explained Basco. “In no way will we ask for passwords to Wi-Fi or anything. We don’t want to remotely view your camera. We want the homeowner or business owner to review the camera. And if they see something that they think would be beneficial to us, give us a call, and we’ll go out and look at it at that point.”

As for Terrell, she hopes the idea catches on.

“There’s a lot of things going on nowadays,” said Terrell. “With all of us, whoever has the security cameras, it’s a great way for them to kind of get a heads up on it and figure it out. I’m always willing to protect my business, so of course, we’re going to want to protect everyone else too. So I think it’s a great idea.”

If you would like to register or more information, check out the attached link.

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