Flag Day celebrated at Pineville flagpole

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - In celebration of Flag Day, Pineville held a special event at the flagpole on the levee downtown.

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The event was held to honor the American Flag and celebrate the Army's 244th birthday. Those who attended got the chance to enjoy several food vendors, hear from local bands, and gather around the grand flag that oversees the levee.

Mission 22 was also at the levee. Their purpose is to bring awareness to the 22 estimated veteran suicides that happen every day.

Those who attended felt like the levee was the perfect place to hold this event.

“What better venue to have something that's right by our big flag on the adoption of the flag some 270 odd years ago,” said Doug Gann, Pineville’s Special Events Director. “It's also the birthday of the United States Army and we thought ‘what a great backdrop for it right at the river’. We've got Pop N' Hoots that's playing, we've got Midnight Encore that's going to play, some local vendors are out. It's just a beautiful night in Pineville. It's a great night to be here!”

Not only were attendants able to gather around the flag in celebration with music, snow-cones, and tacos, but they also honored and remembered those who fight for the flag to stand every day.

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