Pineville city council considers tax renewal to fund public safety

PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - When Pineville residents head to the polls in November, they'll have an important tax item to vote on.

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On Tuesday night, the city council voted to put a renewal of an "ad valorem" tax that funds public safety.

It's a 10 mill renewal for services like fire and police. The money would raise nearly one million dollars annually to help pay for employee salaries and equipment among other things.

Mayor Clarence Fields said the money is the bare minimum of what Pineville actually needs.

"But, we also got to remember at the same time how important it is. It's really a small part of the funding of public safety, literally their operating budgets from the standpoint of each year and, in this year's budget, it is just going to be over 11 million dollars. So, you can see just under a million dollars is not very much. It's important that the ad valorem is renewed by our people," Mayor Fields said.

There will be a public hearing about the tax renewal on July 9. Voters will be able to decide on the November ballot.

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