Pineville to repair bank caving on riverfront

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - An item on the agenda at Tuesday night's Pineville City Council meeting is one many people have been concerned about: repairing and preventing bank caving on the Pineville riverfront.


If you pass over the Jackson St. bridge, it's not hard to see the erosion on Pineville's side of the Red River. That erosion could soon start affecting walkways and infrastructure.

So the council is making its repair a priority. Negotiations are in the works with the Red River Waterway Commission, the Red River Levee District and the City of Pineville.

Each will play a separate role in a team effort to fill in the places where the bank has caved.

"The water district is going to put up the funding for the materials that will be utilized. Those materials will likely be the cloth underneath, the rocks that will go along the bank,” said Pineville Mayor Clarence Fields. “And then the Red River Levy District - they will provide the labor and they will provide the equipment necessary to do the work. And then the City of Pineville will provide the engineering, attain the necessary permits and also pay for the fuel that will be utilized for the project."

This is just a temporary fix that will last for a while until the Army Corps of Engineers has the funding to help.

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