Police: 2 students in Central Louisiana bring pellet guns to school

CENTRAL, La. (KALB) - Following the mass shooting in Parkland, Bolton High School staff were on high alert Friday when they learned one of their students possibly had a gun.

"School Resource Officers called him to the office," said RPSB Deputy Assistant Superintendent Clyde Washington. "They found a weapon in his possession."

Washington said although it turned out to be a pellet gun, that student could face expulsion.

"Even though it was a non-prohibited weapon we are taking this very seriously as well as the sheriff's department," Washington said.

The same situation unfolded an hour away in Allen Parish Friday morning at Elizabeth High School. A pellet gun was discovered in a student's car.

"An abundance of precaution, the officers went to the juveniles residence and searched his house," said Allen Parish Sheriff Doug Hebert. "They actually recovered several more pellet guns, BB guns, but no actual firearms."

Sheriff Hebert said that student is a juvenile and was not arrested. The Allen Parish School Board couldn't comment on the student's punishment at the time.

"He didn't commit a crime per say because it was a pellet gun, although it did look like one," Sheriff Hebert said. "I don't know that there will be any criminal charges, we will submit that to the district attorney's office."

Although not considered a firearm, Alexandria Police Officer Corporal Wade Bourgeois said pellet guns are no joke.

"Without actually getting close and examining it, it can be very difficult to tell what is an actual firearm and what is a pellet gun or a BB gun," Bourgeois said.

He said parents should speak with kids about when and where to use them.

"It looks very realistic. You can't walk down the street with that. That is keep at home type stuff."

Both areas are thankful it didn't turn out to be the real deal, but said they're still not taking any chances when a complaint comes in.

"We will make kids aware of what is prohibited, what is not prohibited, what is allowed, what will not be tolerated and we are just going to move forward," Washington said.

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