Police arrest 11-year-old boy accused of nearly two dozen car burglaries in New Orleans

Source: WVUE
Source: WVUE(KALB)
Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 10:15 PM CST
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Police have arrested an 11-year-old boy accused of nearly two dozen car burglaries in the Gentilly area of New Orleans.

WVUE first covered this story a week ago, with surveillance video detectives say shows a child breaking into vehicles.

Police said they arrested the 11-year-old, seen breaking into a Jeep and climbing through the window in the 5000 block of Dreaux Avenue. The video shows his legs dangling outside the front passenger window, as he rummages through the car.

"That's crazy, cause when I first saw the video, I was like that looks like a little kid and I was just shocked. Like, you have a little kid going into peoples' cars," Brandon Molden said.

In the same driveway, the video shows another suspect breaking into a truck also belonging to the Molden family. In all, three of their vehicles had their passenger side windows smashed.

"It’s just shocking to see these. I mean, it’s like they get younger and younger you know, just committing these petty crimes," Molden said.

Police said the child is responsible for at least 22 auto burglaries in the Gentilly Terrace neighborhood, and they’re also searching for a 16-year-old.

“I can’t stop thinking about that child, because the child was woken up in the middle of the night to participate in burglaries. Is this child going to school the next day?” Tiffany Molden asked.

Surveillance also shows the suspects move on to vehicles across the street, where the same thing happens. The boy is seen again, climbing into the passenger window of a neighbor’s truck. The other suspect walks over to help him out, as they rush back to the get-away car.

“It was just glass everywhere. It looked like someone crawled in because there were mud prints, but again, nothing was taken,” Josh Nguyen said.

This isn’t the first time this neighborhood was hit. In May of last year, police say juveniles broke into at least 21 vehicles. While one of the four responsible were caught, victims aren’t celebrating.

"It's kind of like a slap on the wrist, you know? I hope he doesn't go out and do it again, but it's just real aggravating. You know, it's a lot of money to, you know you work hard and you get your car broken into, it's ridiculous," Molden said.

In addition to the 11-year-old and 16-year-old, police are also working to identify two more people they suspect were involved in the more than 20 break-ins.

According to NOPD, two teenagers have been arrested in connection to nine auto burglaries in Lakeview and an arrest warrant has been issued for an adult female for a separate Lakeview case.

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