Prescott Road to close for pump installation

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Prescott Road between the service road and Shannon Drive will be closed beginning at 9 a.m. Friday, July 12, for the installation of portable pumps.

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This is a precautionary flood-prevention measure for the tropical storm event expected to move into Alexandria this weekend. The National Weather Service is predicting significant rainfall to our area, according to Alexandria Utility Systems Director Michael Marcotte.

“We want to be proactive and take these extra measures,” said Mayor Jeffrey W. Hall. “Hopefully, we won’t need them, but we’ll be ready if we do because protecting our citizens and their property is of the utmost importance.”

“These additional pumps help take water out of the low-lying areas,” Marcotte said.

The road will reopen after any stormwater resulting from the rain subsides and the pumps can be removed.

Citizens are cautioned to put their safety first and stay indoors and off the roads, if possible, during the storm. If you must be on the roads during the storm, do not drive over flooded roads.

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