President Trump talks American energy independence in Southwest Louisiana

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HACKBERRY, La. (KALB) - "America First" was President Donald Trump’s message in Hackberry on Tuesday, where he spoke on energy independence at the Sempra LNG plant.

Photo Source: KALB

In the midst of his 2020 re-election campaign, the President made a trip to Cameron Parish and spoke to a packed house of supporters and employees of Cameron LNG as the facility starts production on its first of three trains that they say will be shipping American natural gas to global markets.

The President stressed the importance of reducing energy dependence on foreign countries, saying that Cameron Parish and Southwest Louisiana are a prime example of what he calls “America First”.

President Trump took time to speak against the Green New Deal, claiming it would take away jobs like those offered at the plant. He also boasted the tax cuts his administration spearheaded earlier in his term.

"You are not only making our nation wealthier, but you are making America safer by building a future of American energy independence,” President Trump said. “We are independent. We don't need anybody! We don't need anybody! And, we don't need to be ripped off by the rest of the world either, because those days are over!"

After his speech, the President traveled to Metairie for a fundraising dinner for his re-election campaign.

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