Prompt Succor rewards students' hard work with Louisiana Day

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - After a year of studying, third graders at Prompt Succor got a big taste of what our great state has to offer. The school hosted its annual Louisiana Day.

Photo Source: KALB

It was a chance to embrace our culture through art, food, history, and music. There were even a few special guests there, like authors and Miss Louisiana, to join in on the fun.

The students were also assigned a festival that happens around the state and they made human floats to parade around campus for the other students.

Coordinators said it's great to see all the children's hard work be rewarded.

"The kids are having a blast today,” expressed Laura Davis, 3rd Grade Teacher. “It kind of brings it all full circle from what they've learned. And if they don't remember anything else we taught them in the third grade, they're going to remember this fantastic day."

The students also painted pictures for display, including the popular Blue Dog.

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