Prosecutors file to withdraw Jodie Bordelon's guilty plea

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Jodie Bordelon, who worked in the business office of the Avoyelles Parish Correctional Center alongside former warden and now convicted felon Nate Cain and his now ex-wife, Tonia Bandy-Cain, was supposed to be at the U.S. Western District Court of Louisiana Friday afternoon.

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But with an unexpected move by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, that sentencing won't happen until Monday.

Bordelon, the former state corrections administrator, waived her own indictment back in March in that case involving the Cains, pleading guilty to concealing her knowledge of a felony.

Now, the assistant U.S. attorneys in the case are asking that her guilty plea be withdrawn. A motion filed on Tuesday by U.S. Attorney David Joseph says the request came as a result of new evidence discovered in the case.

What that evidence, we're not sure, but, in lieu of a sentencing, the prosecution is asking that Bordelon be placed on the alternative pretrial diversion, which could keep her out of prison altogether.

The motion states that "the defense has been notified and agrees to this resolution."

Now, it's up to Judge Dee Drell to decide if Bordelon's case ends here. The group will return to court Monday.

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