Quarterly Full Moon Article: Part 3

Published: Oct. 17, 2019 at 12:29 PM CDT
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Throughout this weather web article, I’ll be discussing the monthly full moon names for the months of July, August and September. July is called the “Buck Moon”, August is called the “Sturgeon Moon” and finally the September full moon is named the “Harvest Moon”.

The “Buck Moon” occurred on July 16 in the late afternoon or early evening. This unique name for the month of July, comes from the fact that male deer regrow their antlers typically during the month of July as these animals shed their antlers annually. Along with the name, “Buck Moon” this particular month is also referred to as the “Thunder Moon”, and the “Hay Moon”.

The “Sturgeon Moon” occurred on August 15. Fishing tribes across North America have called the full moon during the month of August, the sturgeon moon, due to the fact that the species were traditionally quite abundant during the month of August. Other names for the August full moon are as follows, “Green Corn Moon”, “Grain Moon”, and the “Red Moon”.

Finally, the “Harvest Moon” occurred on September 14 in the early morning. Out of all of the full moon names, this full moon in the month of September, the “Harvest Moon” is the most familiar named moon throughout the calendar year that people know the most. It is in reference to the time of the year after the autumn equinox that occurs in the northern hemisphere. Crops are gathered during this time of the year in the fall season. Other unique names for the September full moon are as follows, “Corn Moon”, and the “Barley Moon”.

This is the third installment in this Full Moon Names series, as there will be another article highlighting the October, November and December full moon names. Stay tuned!

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