RPSB reorganizes administration charts, gives salary bumps

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - The Rapides Parish School Board passed a motion to reorganize positions of their district administration in December.

Rapides Parish is among some of the largest school districts in the state with 46 schools to oversee. The school board's central office has a lot of administration to help with that. After the reorganization passed viewers reached out to us urging us to look into the salary bumps that came with two of the reorganized positions.

"After being on the board for eight years, that is what I saw was a needed change in the organization," said District G Board Member Keith Breazeale.

Breazeale added the motion in December to have the board take action on the district's organizational chart.

Now, he said theirs resembles other large districts and made the organization more efficient.

"Rapides School Board on the top, superintendent, then we have all of our executive superintendents, which is under curriculum, administration, and finance," Breazeale said. "Those are our three big buckets, so to speak, of our school system and then everything else flows underneath that."

He said the reorganization did consequently come with salary bumps. The finance director became the chief financial officer. The deputy assistant superintendent of administration became the executive assistant superintendent of administration.

Rapides Parish's chief financial officer now makes $114,733, up from $93,807. Their Executive assistant superintendent of administration makes $114,733 as well, up from $95,053.

They came up with the salaries based off of other large districts. Here are the following salaries from school board's across the state:

Calcasieu Parish School Board:
CFO - $104,878
COO (comparable to RPSB Superintendent of Administration) - $100,529

Lafayette Parish School Board:
CFO - $121,400
Superintendent of Administration: $112,190

Livingston Parish School Board:
Business Manager (comparable to RPSB CFO) - $87,010
Assistant Superintendent - $109,000

Breazeale said the change needed to be made.

"At the end of the day we are here to educate our children, to give employees a good work environment and to make sure that we are managing the taxpayers' money responsibly," Breazeale said.

Superintendent Nason Authement told us the reorganization was something he has wanted to do since he became superintendent, in order to move the district forward.

All figures were received directly from each school board mentioned.

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