RPSB teachers react to state raises as local board postpones talk of extra 3%

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - The Rapides Parish School Board once again deferred discussion on a 3 percent raise for all employees in the district.

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Board member Wilton Barrios, who is also the author of the motion, proposed they move the discussion to July committees for a new superintendent to look over.

The motion has been deferred since January meetings.

This comes just a day after the state passed $1,000 pay raises for teachers and $500 raises for support staff.

Teachers in the parish said they are grateful for the extra pay this fall.

"We feel like we are deserving of a raise and it has been a while since we've gotten one," said Tioga High School teacher Lisa Branch. "I feel like we are losing teachers in our profession because of the income level of our salaries. So, I am hoping it keeps good teachers in and makes more people want to draw into our profession."

Many happy to get more for their students.

"We commonly take resources out of our own pockets and invest into our students," said Alexandria Middle Magnet teacher Sharon Lair. "So, when you bring more funding into the educational system, as a whole, then you are also helping that educator to keep funding that can be dedicated to their own households. Which should be one of the core values, not only helping others, but helping yourself as well."

If the 3 percent raise is eventually passed by the board, it would also be for the 2019-2020 school year.

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