Rapides Parish teacher 'TAP' payouts on the way

RAPIDES PARISH, La. (KALB) - Educators at many schools across the state are a part of the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) that aims to improve teacher quality and student achievement. Each year TAP teachers get a payout based on their schools' performance scores.

That check was a bit behind for 13 TAP schools in Rapides Parish. But, the wait is over after the school board approved the tap payout system Tuesday night.

Superintendent Nason Authement announced that the funds are ready to go and will be distributed into teacher accounts by direct deposit on Friday.

The executive assistant superintendent said the payouts got stuck in a process. Once performance scores are released late fall they are sent to the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching, the organization who funds TAP through grant money. Once evaluations are done they can finally start to process the payments.

"Very happy to announce that our employees who were in our TAP or best practice schools will be receiving their payout," said Executive Assistant Superintendent Kim Bennett. "I know that they have heard that several times, but it is official at our board meeting tonight. We want to say to our employees how much we appreciate them and thank you for understanding. It has been a very difficult process to process the payments, but again they are forthcoming.

Fall performance scores gave the district an overall 'B' and an 'A' in growth and progress.

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